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What We Do

The National CML Society's goals and objectives are to assist those who have been diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia and their families through education, awareness, and support services. We can help you connect with others living with CML, find valuable resources, and live well with this disease.

Additionally, we provide guidance with insurance filings, Medicare/Medicaid, Patient Assistance Programs, and a variety of other services geared to help relieve the stress that CML families face. 

CML Connection™ is The National CML Society's ground-based support network and we are launching groups across the country.  These meetings provide a time for you to connect with others, discuss local CML news and happenings, gain a perspective of the CML community at the national level, and provide feedback on how the NCMLS can best meet your unique needs.  Group meetings are open to CML patients, family members and caregivers - there's something for everyone!

Help with Navigating Assistance Programs

We can provide guidance to you or your family member with the application process for a variety of Patient Assistance Programs, particularly those related to CML.  Through our established contacts, we can help expedite the handling of your requests.  Let us know if we can be of assistance to you. Being patients and carers ourselves, we do not have our own assistance fund program. Nonetheless, we have been very successful in securing resources for many in our community.


You can find a full listing of programs by clicking the Resources menu and selecting Assistance Programs.  Clicking on program links may take you to websites that are not operated by The National CML Society and have their own Terms of Service and Privacy Policies.

Caregiver Support

The role of caregiver is one that can be as simple as accompanying a family member to an appointment to act as an extra set of eyes and ears, or as complicated as administering therapies and other aid. We can offer a variety of resources to assist the person in the caregiver role, as well as connect you with other caregivers for support and encouragement.

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