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Our Origins & History

The National CML Society was created by and for patients and their families in order to provide a centralized hub of information for this rare form of leukemia.

Founded in 2007 as Carolyn's Hope, this organization quickly spread beyond the confines of a local work to address the real concerns faced by the CML community nationwide. In December 2009, the organization became The National CML Society (NCMLS), serving the needs of the CML community in the United States and its Territories.

The National CML Society is governed by a Board of Directors, a Medical Advisory Board, and a Patient/Caregiver Advisory Board. Together, these groups work to ensure the ongoing activities of the organization and that it adheres to its goals and objectives.

Day to day operations are carried out in our offices located in Birmingham, Alabama. We also have representatives positioned throughout the country that can answer questions about our services and speak with you further about becoming involved with the organization's work.



About our logo:


The lantern icon embodies the spirit and mission of the National CML Society.


It is a guiding light throughout the CML journey: a beacon over the landscape of CML, that calls people together as a community and empowers them. That beacon illuminates the uncertain darkness with knowledge and expertise and casts a light of inspiration and encouragement to help navigate daily living with CML.


It is  a personal light source held by a guide, representing the individual attention that the NCMLS offers to people touched by CML.


It is a warm light of personal connection and support to guide them on their CML journey.



To learn more about the origins of the Society, read on...

The National CML Society, formerly Carolyn's Hope, was originally created as a work in memory of Carolyn M. Stephens, a vivacious person who valiantly faced her CML journey with courage and hope. During that journey, many of the services of this organization began to take shape.


Over the course of a few years, the realization came that there was no unified voice SOLELY for those on a CML journey in the United States. As others diagnosed with this disease have done, the family learned all they could about CML, sought out information from a variety of sources, attended support functions of larger organizations, yet still they were faced with more questions than answers for their journey. They also realized that assistance provided by other organizations, although greatly appreciated, was less for CML patients and families than that offered to patients with other cancers. Thankfully, for them, they had good insurance coverage; however the costs not covered were substantial.

After many discussions with CML families across the country, the consensus was that there needed to be an organization that dealt primarily with the ground-based issues facing all CML families.  Although there are many great online support mechanisms, ground based support was lacking, as well as services to meet some of the unique needs of the CML community.


In December of 2009, Carolyn's Hope expanded to become The National CML Society, and officially launched as such on January 22, 2010, which would have been Carolyn's 73rd birthday. Our goals are to provide expanded services for the CML Community. Those services include ground-based support networks, assistance with finding and securing financial aid, educational programs on proper disease monitoring, coping skills, day to day issues, as well as finding CML Specialists. Other services will be outlined throughout the society's website ongoing.

The National CML Society welcomes your input as we continue to develop services that meet even more of the needs facing this group of individuals. Have you discovered areas that need improvement while walking your unique journey?  If so, let us know! 

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