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University of Texas - Austin - 3C Project

What do you think CML care should look like?

Ever feel like you’re misunderstood when describing your life with CML to your doctor?

Feel you’re not getting everything you need from your medical team to live your best CML life?

If so, then this opportunity is for you!


The University of Texas at Austin’s Value Institute of Health and Care has brought together a team of doctors, medical professionals, business leaders and master’s degree candidates to tackle the issues patients face when seeking care. All with the goal of learning what matters most to CML patients.

The 3 C Project, Capability, Comfort, and Calm in CML, allows your input to shape and help formulate what could become THE model for CML care in the future. Your participation is voluntary and a fantastic way for you to pay it forward for others who will be diagnosed in the future!

Would you be willing to share your insights into CML care?

See what's involved​       How to Get Started


If so please reach out to:

Rebekah Scott

Project Manager - Dell Medical School

University of Texas at Austin

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