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Donate Unused Meds

Do you have unopened, unexpired CML medications you'd like to see put to good use?


For as long as our treatment drugs have been available, there have been times when a particular drug didn't meet the needs of the individual. As a result that unused drug sat in a medicine cabinet until it expired, never having the opportunity to help someone who might need it.

The National CML Society recommends Remedichain, a non-profit organization built by pharmacists as a means of safely and legally recovering unused TKIs used to treat CML. 

Here's how you can help:

1. Gather all your unused CML medications, checking that all are unopened and still within date (not expired),

2. TEXT "#flipyourscrip" to 833-999-1003 OR click here to access the donation form,

3. Open and complete the donation form, 

Upon doing so, you will receive additional information and be contacted by a Remedichain Specialist who can help you with next steps and process your donation.


It's a quick and easy process to make a HUGE difference in someone's life.


Thank you for being part of this exciting new opportunity! 

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